share price

share price
share price share price price1

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share price UK US noun [C] (also stock price) FINANCE, STOCK MARKET
the price of a particular company's shares: »

The transaction won't happen if the share price on those four days shows an average lower than 41 guilders or higher than 56 guilders.

share price drops/falls/plunges (to sth) »

The low-cost airline saw its share price plunge 30% on January 28th.

share price rises/shoots up/soars (to sth) »

The company's share price soared to $47 in January, only to tumble to $29.

a rise/fall/drop in share price »

The supermarket chain was forced to reveal details of the takeover proposal after a sharp rise in its share price.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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